Whether you’re looking to do dinghy sailing with the family, or charter a yacht, a Jersey holiday is definitely right for you. There are a number of places on the island where you can get lessons, so don’t worry if you’re a beginner. They also supply all the equipment you’ll need, including the all important safety equipment such as life jackets. Best bring your own sun cream though!

The surroundings are superb as you’ll sail past different types of coastline, from pretty rugged areas in the north with cliffs and coves, to areas with stretches of gold sandy beaches to the south.

Also the climate is perfect for sailing with sunny days and just the right level of wind. And, being in the channel, if you have a larger boat, you can sail off towards France or back towards England.

Many visitors on their holiday to Jersey decide to hire a catamaran. You can do this from Jersey Yachting. They offer a number of options depending on whether you just want to go out for an hour or two or the whole day. With a skippered boat you’ll get an experienced crew to worry about the sailing, while you enjoy the magnificent coastline. The crew can also point out places of interest so you don’t miss important facts about the island. Indeed, some sailing companies will take you out with the specific objective of showing you some of the shore based places of historic interest as you sail by. Plus, they know where dolphins and seals can be found as well as offshore reefs and the marine life that inhabits these areas.

Jersey Coast

Jersey Coast

Other yacht companies provide evening sailings so you can see the sun go down out at sea. You can decide whether you want this to be a short trip or whether you want to take in the experience over dinner with a glass of wine or two, for a truly memorable moment during your holiday in Jersey.

For some people sailing is not so much the thrill of powering through the water under sail but enjoying other activities from the boat, perhaps a spot of fishing out at sea or snorkelling around the island in reefs and around the caves and coves.

There are all kinds of fish in the sea around Jersey and the waters are pretty plentiful. Whilst you might not catch whoppers you’ll certainly get a good catch, which you can maybe enjoy later on the BBQ. Having said that there are some ship wrecks out at sea, remnants from various wars through the ages, and here you may find fish as heavy as eighty pounds (maybe more) so you’ll need to ensure you have the right tackle and a fair amount of energy too. It should be pointed out that most fishermen tend to return their catch, especially as the amount of larger fish around the ship wrecks is fairly limited. Apart from this normal sea fishing is only going to require fairly lightweight equipment.

There are a number of harbours and marinas around the island so why not spend the whole of your holiday in Jersey onboard a lovely boat moored up at one of these places. This is definitely a fun option. The only thing you’ll need to think about is the tides. If you fancy doing this you should contact Jersey Marinas as they have a number of water front options, including St Helier to choose from. You can enjoy a great lifestyle in great locations that will enable you to experience and enjoy Jersey at its best.